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Pixie’s ultimate skincare snack

When on the go, it’s difficult to find snacks that help us feel our very best. 

Making hummus from scratch couldn’t be easier, and paired with fresh vegetables with a high water content, is not only delicious, but could be beneficial for skin too! 

Watch how simply our Nutritionist Pixie blends chickpeas, olive oil, tahini and garlic to make a batch of homemade hummus, a quick snack to keep you going throughout the day!


 Homemade hummus and vegetables

•        1 can chickpeas
•        2 tbsp tahini
•        3 tbsp olive oil
•        1 clove garlic
•        Juice of 1 lemon
•        Salt and pepper
•        Crudités: carrot, tender stem broccoli, cucumber

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This article reflects the opinions of Pixie Turner and is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, starting any new regime or course of conduct.

"So Pixie looks like we are having a little snack?" Max

"Yes its hummus. so all this really needs is to go one can of chickpeas going in some olive oil, and some tahini, one clove of garlic and then just a little pinch of salt . and the final thing is to add some lemon juice. and blend away." Pixie

"Should be good" Max

"Yes I’m going to put that in the bowel and I’ve served it with these vegetables. We’ve got Carrots really good source of vitamin C and then obvs cucumber really high source of water content so a great selection of vegetables to put with your hummus" Pixie