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Pixie’s ultimate skincare meal

Healthy meals, rich in nutrients, don’t need to take lots of time to create. Our Nutritionist Pixie shows us how easy and quickly you can make her ultimate skincare meal, using sweet potato as a base. 

High in vitamin A, sweet potato is a versatile ingredient, that when paired with spinach, beans, tomatoes, avocado, walnuts and coriander, makes a vitamin-packed dish everyone can enjoy.

Watch Pixie create the dish above, and try it at home tonight.

Serves 1


Sweet potato with beans, wilted spinach, tomato, crushed walnuts, avocado, and coriander.

•        Sweet potato
•        Black beans
•        Cherry tomatoes
•        Spinach
•        Walnut pieces
•        Avocado
•        Salt and pepper
•        Fresh coriander

As discussed, please include the amounts. 

Cook the sweet potato, mash the avocado, and assemble!

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This article reflects the opinions of Pixie Turner and is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, starting any new regime or course of conduct.

 "I’m going to make a really quick 5 minute meal, something that I would have on a week day when I don’t have much time, starting with the base of a sweet potato. Sweet potato is really high in vitamin A. This one is already cooked.

Then I’m basically going to cover this with amazing ingredients starting with some spinach; which is just a nice leafy base and then I’m going to put some beans on top for our protein, chopped tomatoes and my favourite ingredient which is avocado, walnuts which adds some nice crunch and then finish it off with a little bit of coriander."