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How to keep sensitive skin happy with these natural ingredients

How to keep sensitive skin happy with these natural ingredients

Help sensitive skin with natural skin care products and ingredients

If you’re dealing with sensitive skin, you know that impulse buys at the beauty counter can be risky. One wrong ingredient can ruin a carefully developed skin care routine and even lead to an allergic reaction, but, knowing which powerful natural ingredients are on your side can save you lots of time and effort trawling through beauty blogs or websites.


Oat milk - to soothe your skin

Did you know that some ingredients in the kitchen can work wonders for nourishing your skin? Oat milk is superb for hydrating and relieving the feeling of very dry skin. Mixa's Soothing Body Lotion is enriched with oat milk and is great for quenching your skin’s thirst each day.


Coriander - to nourish your hands

Coriander oil may not be as well-known or popular as other oils, but it’s rich in oleic acid that acts as a protective film on your sensitive skin and helps to maintain moisture. If your hands need extra care, our Anti-Dryness Hand Cream is a winner. Keep it in your handbag so you can treat yourself to a mini-massage whenever you have a little moment to relax.


Panthenol - to repair your sensitive skin

Sometimes, if your skin is very dry and sensitive, you may experience shedding, flakiness or roughness. This is when you need natural skin care products that will actively repair and work hard to regenerate your skin. Panthenol (Vitamin B5) comes from plants and has excellent regenerative and soothing properties. If you use CICA-Repair Balm with Panthenol, your skin will feel reconditioned and moisturised all at the same time!


Vitamin E to help improve the visible tone of skin

Your skin is exposed to a barrage of toxins and chemicals each day. Eating balanced meals, staying environmentally friendly and drinking enough water is a good start in the fight against skin aggressors. However, Vitamin E should also be present in your skincare regimen. Its antioxidant powers will help your sensitive skin to regain that youthful, healthy look! Try Firming Body Lotion to help dry, tired skin regain its elasticity and feel more toned.

The next time you find yourself in the beauty aisle or online wanting to treat yourself to a new moisturiser or lotion, there’s no need to spend too much time or energy researching. Look out for these natural skin-friendly ingredients and products that are free from added chemicals.