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What you can do against itchy hands in Winter

What to do against itchy hands in winter

How can you stop itchy skin on your hands in Winter?

Hand on your heart: do you always give your hands the attention they deserve? Every action we do puts stress on our hands - day after day. However, your hands’ skin is actually very sensitive. That’s why you should always carry a good sensitive hand cream with you throughout the day.

Especially in the wintertime, you need particularly intensive care and protection from the biting cold, which can cause irritating itchy skin, especially when it’s already quite raw.


The right treatment comes to the rescue!

Cold and wind can create small injuries, cracks and sores that cause rough, itchy skin. The Restoring Hand Cream with Allantoin can repair the damage and create a moisture reservoir, protecting your skin from further assault; your hands will be soft and smooth again in no time. Even the itching caused by dehydration and small sores will disappear; all products from Mixa are specially formulated for the needs of sensitive skin. Essentially, it comes down to this: mini-sores lead to redness and itchy skin, and you should fight back immediately before the damage gets worse.


Strong protection for damaged hands

Extremely dry and damaged skin needs strong protection. Our SOS Repair Hand Cream nourishes the skin; lost moisture is restored and sealed in. Mini-sores are repaired and the skin of your hands is left velvety smooth and supple again. The cream also protects from irritating itching and the risk of additional damage through rubbing and scratching.


A hero for every occasion

But, your hands don't only need protection in extreme situations; anyone who handles a lot of paper, for example, knows that it dries out your hands, making it easier to get a paper cut. These little cuts really hurt at first, but then they cause itchy skin, and the vicious circle starts again: you start to scratch, which damages the skin even further, and creams with fragrances sometimes cause severe burning and redness. Frequent hand washing too, and handling abrasive materials are a challenge for the sensitive skin on your hands. Don't let the damage get worse - stop it immediately and take care of your hands a few times every day! Try the rapidly absorbing Anti-Dryness Hand Cream with coriander oil. Also known as cilantro, this traditional healing herb has anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and provides overall protection for your hands.

There are innumerable causes for itchy skin and little cuts to the hands, and there are just as many hand creams that prevent, calm and repair them. Ultimately, everybody has to discover which product works best in which situation. But one thing is clear: our hands are our most valuable tools, and so their care should be placed in the hands of professionals!