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What is sensitive skin?

What is sensitive skin and what can we do to try and guard against skin irritation? These are just some of the questions that Dermatologist Dr Emma answers for us.

 Watch to find out what ingredients we should be looking out for in our body care products, and how we should apply them in a way to minimise skin discomfort.

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The content reflects the opinions of Dr Emma Wedgeworth and is intended as general information only. You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, starting any new regime or course of conduct.

"Hello. I’m at the Mixa house , I’m with Dr Emma & today I have a question for you". Max

"Fire away Max" Dr Emma 

"What is sensitive skin?" Max

"Sensitive skin is skin that can be easily irritated by things" Dr Emma 

"Ok, how should I look after my sensitive skin then?"

"Make sure you’re thinking about what your putting on the skin, your products , you should be thinking about the ingredients in them, make sure they’re hydrating , so that you’re actually replenishing that skin barrier function, so that means your skin is less vulnerable to irritation ." Dr Emma 

"If I have to too buy a product, what should I look for ?" Max

"Avoid fragrance products if you do have sensitive skin, look for ingredients that can really replenish and protect the skin barrier function. So things like oats, Shea butter, other products like urea and glycerine can be really useful because they’re actually part of the skins own moisturiser, which is known as your natural moisturising factor." Dr Emma 

"Interesting. Let’s try it." Max

"Yeah, very good, show me what you can do. When you’re putting it on areas that might contain a bit of hair like arms and legs  make sure you are applying it in the direction of your hair growth because otherwise your moisturiser can sometimes irritate your hair follicles." Dr Emma 

"Well. Thank you very much Emma ."  Max
"It’s a pleasure." Dr Emma