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What is my skin type?

Want to know what skin type you have? With so many different skin types, it can often be very confusing working out the difference between them all.

Watch to find out from Dermatologist Dr Emma how she categorises body skin in to 3 different types: normal, dry and sensitive, and gives us some simple ways of finding out which skin type you are.  

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The content  reflects the opinions of Dr Emma Wedgeworth and is intended as general information only.  You should seek advice from a professional before altering your diet, starting any new regime or course of conduct.

"Hello everyone, welcome to another film at the Mixa House. Today I am joined by our very own Mixa dermatological expert Dr Emma. What is my skin type?" Max

"I tend to divide body skin in to 3 different categories, so normal, dry and sensitive. I think a good place to try and judge your skin type is on your lower leg" Dr Emma

"Let me have a look at my leg. How does it look?" 

"I think it’s looking pretty good. You are a lucky person that falls in to normal skin but actually if I was dealing with someone that had dry skin and I looked at their lower leg it may be that it was slightly dry and flaky and almost a hint of sort of scaliness and that often means that you are prone to dry skin. People who have sensitive skin will often find that they react quite easily to things and they may find that it stings burns and the next day they may get some areas of redness." Dr Emma

"OK. Thank you very much" Max

"It’s a pleasure." Dr Emma