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Simple skin care tips to aid skin recovery

More and more of us are suffering from sensitive skin symptoms, including rashes, redness, dermatitis and flaking, which will irritate your mood as well as your skin. But, what’s causing these infuriating skin conditions and how can you help your skin to heal?

All kinds of factors may be contributing to your skin inflammation and sensitivity; icy mornings, stress, diet, toxins, hormones and increasing pollution are all guilty. To calm sensitive skin and set it on the road to recovery, start by incorporating these simple nourishing skin care tips into your routine:


Be gentle

Watch out for harsh scrubs, exfoliators and hair removal techniques; sensitive skin should be treated with respect and not rubbed, scrubbed or scoured.


Minimise products

Find sensitive and nourishing skin care products you love and trust and then keep it simple. Don’t be tempted to experiment with lots of lotions, sprays, makeup and perfumes.


Test small patches

Whether it’s hair dye, self-tanner or a new body lotion, it pays to be cautious. Try out anything new on a little patch and wait 24 hours to see whether your skin gives it the thumbs up.


Say no to certain agents

Some skincare ingredients, such as fragrances and synthetic colours, can worsen skin irritation considerably. Always read the label to make sure you’re avoiding unnecessary ingredients that could leave you with soreness, itching or an allergic reaction.


Avoid hot water

Keep water lukewarm in your bath or shower, as hot water strips the skin of its natural oils. Don’t wash or soak excessively either, or you could leave your skin feeling tight and dry.


Aid healing with repair cream

If you have extremely dry skin, redness or cracks, then your skin needs a little extra help to heal. CICA Repair Balm is free of colourant and parabens, and its active ingredient, Panthenol, helps your problem areas to recover and regenerate faster.

If you’re suffering from sensitivity and inflammation, you’re not alone. Many of us are looking for how to have healthy skin. By taking care with these simple steps, you can give your vulnerable skin the best chance of success.