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Love your tan? care for it with a skin care routine for sensitive skin

Love your tan

There’s nothing like a sun-kissed look to boost your confidence and put a spring in your step. Whether you’re a sun worshiper or spray tan devotee, there are lots of ways to achieve a golden healthy glow.

But, did you know that there might be times when you’re deepening your colour but experience some of the effects of sensitive skin or even skin irritation? So, if you can’t resist tanning, then you’ll need to develop a good skin care routine and take it slowly; always apply a high SPF sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun and follow with a high-quality body lotion for summer weather. Even self-tanning foams and gels can irritate and cause dry skin, so it pays to look after your tan with some smart sensitive skincare tips.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

A simple way to maintain the health and vitality of your skin is by drinking plenty of water; as we lose several litres of liquid each day, consistently drinking water helps to replenish vital fluid and rid your body and skin of toxins. After all, your skin is an organ made up of cells which need sufficient hydration to function properly; as well as feeling more comfortable, you’ll find that well-hydrated skin is visibly more fresh and bright.


Help your skin recover with a body lotion for summer

Tanned skin will thank you for applying a soothing recovery body lotion for summer, like CICA Repair body lotion, when you step out of the shower each day. This sensitive skincare product helps to maintain the natural lipid barrier that prevents flaking and shedding, making it the perfect addition to your new skin care routine. Ultra-fine and surprisingly fast absorbing, this skin treatment is enriched with Allantoin, which comes from comfrey - a herb that grows wild in many parts of Britain. This wonderful natural ingredient soothes, softens and stimulates cell regeneration to help your skin recover faster.


Take extra care of your sensitive zones

Sometimes, it can feel like your skin is trying to tell you something; you may sometimes have areas of discomfort, such as itchy shoulders, a sore nose or shedding shins. These sensations are your skin’s warning signals, so make sure you don’t ignore those vulnerable areas and keep them well protected before tanning – and well-nourished afterwards.

With or without the sun, tanning tanning doesn’t always agree with sensitive skin. With these healthy skin tips, you can care for your skin after tanning, minimise peeling and skin irritation - and enjoy your glow for longer.