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How do I prevent Winter Skin?

Skin is a dynamic organ that can change dramatically based on the weather conditions around us.

Watch to find out why our skin changes so much when the temperature drops during the winter months, and some practical steps we can take to treat winter skin. 

Dermatologist Dr Emma also shares her suggested ingredients that we should be looking out for in our body care products that are best for helping soothe and prevent winter skin.

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 Max- We are in the Mixa house and today its really cold. Emma, there is something that we share in France as well as in England.
Emma- What’s that? 
Max- The coldness
Emma- Your skin definitely changes according to the environmental conditions that you’re in because actually your skin is a really dynamic organ. So in the winter months what we tend to find is that humidity gets low the temperatures really drop and there’s a low UV index . And all of that means that we lose water much more easily out of our skin. Once you start putting the heating up, actually that dries out your skin more, hot baths things like that all really exacerbate the problem of dry and sensitive skin during the winter.
We also need to look out for ingredients that can help try and ward off the winter skin, oats can be very soothing and products like vitamin E, vitamin B they can all really help to soften the skin up. So regularly moisturising and using something that’s suitable for your skin type to prevent against that really awful winter skin.
Max- Perfect, thank you Emma.