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Respectful skincare for your sensitive and dry skin problems

Do you love relaxing with beautiful, fragrant lotions and potions, but your sensitive skin doesn’t agree? Perhaps you have dry skin problems or allergies like eczema or psoriasis, so even when you choose a cream with ‘natural’ or ‘gentle’ on the label, it still irritates and causes allergic rashes.

The secret is to look for good skincare products that are free from cosmetic components that can cause skin irritations. By choosing specialist skincare solutions that are free from fragrances, alcohol and parabens, you can enjoy peaceful pampering while keeping your skin happy and healthy too.


Relax in mind and body with specialist skin care

Choose a hypoallergenic body lotion that is free of fragrances and colourant, and make sure that deliciously creamy lotion you are massaging into your skin is developed particularly for the driest and most sensitive of skins. This means you can enjoy real ‘zen’ in both body and mind, and even add a delicious cup of green tea for total bliss!


Enjoy a magical moment with natural ingredients

If your skin is feeling extra dry, then you’ll relish the feeling of our Mixa’s Soothing Body Lotion; a nourishing, hypoallergenic cream that is free of colourants. Made with soothing and softening oat milk, it instantly relieves your skin discomforts. Apply generously in the morning and, if necessary, once more during the day to make your dry skin problems appear magically transformed. Hey, presto!


Relieve stress with a hand cream massage

If you’re short of time, massaging your hands can help you unwind when you don’t have much opportunity for pampering. If you have sensitive skin, try a cream with a light, non-sticky texture that’s free of colourants, much like Mixa’s Anti-Dryness Hand Cream; it will lavish your delicate skin without aggravating, and the massaging motion will boost circulation and improve movement in your fingers and wrists. Minimum effort, maximum effect!

Skin sensitivity shouldn’t rob you of the joy of pampering. As long as you select good skincare products and avoid certain cosmetic components, you can enjoy those daily moments of indulgence and respect your skin health too.