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3 tip for treating the symptoms of extremely sensitive and dry skin

3 tips for treating sensitive skin

Really, it’s enough to drive you crazy: just when everyday life shifts up a gear and gets even more hectic, your body’s largest organ (the skin) decides it needs even more ‘TLC’. And if you think it’s just external factors that can trigger a bad skin reaction, then think again; your internal emotional state also has a part to play in how your skin behaves and a stressful lifestyle can exacerbate certain symptoms. You can tell if your skin’s not happy when you notice redness, irritation, a rash, or it gets itchy and flaky; it can even develop into neurodermatitis if left unchecked. You could use a cocktail of constantly changing skincare products and ‘miracle cures’ to protect your skin from further irritation – or you could relax… and treat it to a perfectly coordinated range of just a few professional products.


Find the right body cream for your sensitive skin

If you’ve got particularly sensitive skin, you’ll often suffer from itching and rashes; your skin will be very dry and feel tight or maybe even sore. Skincare products, especially body creams for sensitive skin, should be gentle and contain as few ingredients and additives as possible. Dermatological tests have shown that skin is at risk of long-term damage from perfumes, preservatives and alcohol, which means it’s particularly important that you use skincare products with natural ingredients if you have sensitive skin. Our Multi-Purpose CICA Repair Balm with Panthenol is free from perfumes and parabens, making it perfect for existing skin conditions and delicate or dry skin. The Soothing Body Lotion is just as kind to your skin; it’s enriched with oat milk that soothes and cares for your skin, giving it the nourishment and moisture it needs to recuperate. Overall, the less stressed your skin is, the more capable it is of fending off small assaults by the environment all on its own.


The best remedy for skin problems is natural and simple

If your skin loses its moisture too quickly, it loses its ability to retain oils, and that’s when you start to suffer. Particularly sensitive skin reacts immediately to external factors, so it’s important to make sure that you keep it regularly hydrated and supplied with moisture. Therefore, any existing damage needs to be soothed and repaired, the more complex the symptoms, the simpler the treatment often ends up being. That’s where special skincare products and body creams for sensitive skin come in; the Mixa skincare range was developed over 90 years ago by French pharmacist Dr Roger and has lots of products for sensitive skin for you to enjoy (containing no alcohol, perfumes or any other chemicals, helping to make rashes and allergic reactions a distant memory!)

Treat your sensitive skin to the professional care it deserves and only use the bare ingredients that are guaranteed to effectively target your skin for long-term relief, without overloading it. By using products from Mixa, you can rely on a long-established tradition of caring for sensitive skin - because skincare really is a matter for experts. If you’re wondering what kind of skin you have, watch the ‘What is My Skin Type’ video and find out what Dermatologist Dr Emma has to say about you.