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How do I prevent Winter Skin?

How do I care for dry hands and feet?

The skin on our hands and bodies are different, so they need different types of care.

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These ingredients calm sensitive and dry skin on legs after shaving

Sensitive skin is especially prone to bumps and inflammation after shaving, so it is especially important to use the right skincare ingredients.

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Respectful skincare for your sensitive and dry skin problems

Does this sound familiar? You love relaxing with beautiful, fragrant lotions and potions, but your sensitive skin doesn’t agree.

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What is dry skin?

Do you know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? Find out exactly what dry skin is, what causes dry skin and how to look after it.

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Love your tan? care for it with a skin care routine for sensitive skin

Love your tan

There’s nothing like a sun-kissed look to boost your confidence. We all have a spring in our step when we’re bronzed and healthy. But did you know...

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Simple skin care tips to aid skin recovery

More and more of us are suffering from sensitive skin. Rashes, redness, dermatitis and flaking will irritate your mood as well as your skin..

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3 tip for treating the symptoms of extremely sensitive and dry skin

3 tips for treating sensitive skin

Do you suffer from extremely sensitive or dry skin? Mixa has 3 great tips for you, including ideal body creams for your sensitive skin. Click to read now.

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What you can do against itchy hands in Winter

What to do against itchy hands in winter

Hand on your heart: do you always give your hands the attention they deserve? Every action puts stress on our hands - day after day.

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Dr Emma Wedgeworth

Dr Emma Wedgeworth is a Consultant Dermatologist with a passion for healthy skin. Her medical training began at Cambridge University and continued at the Imperial College School of Medicine in London.

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What is sensitive skin?

Some people are prone to skin irritations, which can be easily avoided if we know how. Dr Emma talks us through ways to help keep sensitive skin soothed and nourished.

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What is my skin type?

What skin type do you have? With so many different skin types, it can often be very confusing working out the difference between them all. Find out from Dr Emma some simple ways to tell which one you are.

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Body care for sensitive skin. Inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients.

Mixa body care is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin.

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